2020 Sales Leaders Convention
An Advance Team Partners Exclusive
Hotel XCARET Mexico // June 17th - 21st, 2020
Helping Families Take Care of Life
Final Expense Planning, Asset and Retirement Protection
Serving American Families
Excellence and Integrity in Client Care
Making a Difference
Mortgage & Asset Protection, Final Expenses, Retirement Assurance & Planning

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Committed to providing the best agent and agency service platform, opportunity and culture for those in pursuit of a life of significance and financial independence.

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Advance Team Partners is looking for self-driven professionals seeking to jump start their career in sales and business leadership.

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Team Member Spotlight

James Himel

My life and my family’s situation has changed so dramatically since taking that leap. We now enjoy travelling for longer than a day during the Holiday’s to see relatives. I spend tons of time with Audrey on a daily basis. I still work late some days during the week but it’s absolutely worth it, and besides I’m usually at home now Friday through Sunday.