I love what I do and who I get to do it with…

They said my smile was attractive to clients so I was like heck yea, let’s go! I was also a single 24 year old college graduate looking for opportunity. I was looking for freedom, a flexible schedule and a job that paid more than just the bills. I had somewhat of an idea about what I was signing up for because I had worked with an insurance company in the past but that was a Wolf of Wall street type gig. It was really a dog eat dog world and you weren’t hired to last, and the platform ultimately was churn and burn.

imageWhat I did not expect at this organization was the support and training I got from members of the Advance Team. I did not expect people to want me to succeed and cheer for me all the way but that’s what happened since I joined the team in April of 2015. Since then I have grown tremendously, I have been surrounded by like minded people who have helped me develop my skills and have helped me get through the ups and downs. I’ve had extensive training opportunities and even had other agents ride with me just to get my spirits up.  Early on, Zachary McElwain, our newest District Manager even came out to help me change a car battery when it went bad. This sense of camaraderie is not common and has allowed me to develop real friendships with the people I work with. We literally eat together, hang out together and we know we are in this together and are always looking for ways to improve ourselves because ultimately it’ll improve our business. Zach is now one of my good friends.

This industry isn’t for everyone. You have to be motivated, and be constantly willing to grow which is easy to say on a job application but hard to do when you’ve been in the grind for a while but ultimately you have to believe in the benefit that you are providing to your clients and the ability to extend that offer to others who believe it’s something worth doing, which I do. I love what I do and the people I get to do it with! I’m grateful for the opportunity provided me and all the people that I’ve met during my journey and it’s my goal to provide that same support to members of my team, because that’s what the Advance Team all about!


John Chia

Senior Advisor, Advance Team Partners

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