Millennials, Misconceptions and Financial Intelligence


Many young marrieds and millennials do not have a high priority on life insurance. If you are like any that I know, as a father who has 2 girls in their 20’s, then you are probably not even thinking about life insurance. That’s something for your parents or grandparents. You don’t think that you need life insurance because you don’t plan on dying anytime soon. In fact that’s just crazy talk because life is just getting started right? You thought that life insurance is for dying and that’s something you don’t want to think about and something that can definitely wait. You just got married and moved into your first apartment or you just bought your first condo or house. Your priority right now is trying to figure out how to build your own kitchen table out of reclaimed wood and getting that new expresso machine you’ve been eyeing on Black Friday. Life insurance talk is just crazy. Or is it?

A New Awareness

There’s a new trend that’s just beginning to start with smart young marrieds and millennials because of an awareness of the importance of being  financially intelligent. You have seen some of the financial challenges that your parents faced and how that affected your family and you’re already smart enough to know that you don’t want to have to go through those same challenges. It’s not enough anymore to make financial decisions based on whether you can simply afford the monthly payment. So many well intentioned people have found themselves with not enough money at the end of the month and a life of constantly juggling the bills adopting that financial philosophy.  That’s why most Americans over the age of 30 live on 118% or more of their annual income. They made poor financial choices and now they are in debt. And for the most part it’s not just temporary debt, but a debt that continues for years and often ends up in a life of financial distress or worse, bankruptcy.

Smart Investing

For those of you who have decided to become financially intelligent, it’s necessary to decide early on what things are important to give attention to,  what things to you should invest in now, and things to purchase and things you should avoid.  It’s also necessary to understand that today’s life insurance is not just about leaving your family money to live on if you should die. A good life insurance plan today can and should do so much more. It can provide you and your family the security and protection that the financially intelligent have decided is worth investing in. In addition to having the security of a death benefit, here are just a few of the smart features and benefits that some of today’s progressive life insurance plans can have:


1. Critical Illness – can provide an immediate cash benefit to you and your family if you experience any type of critical illness such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, organ failure, and others in some cases. These living benefits are designed to pay YOU money for medical bills, your apartment or house payment or to replace lost income so that you and your family can continue to live your lives without financial stress if you are unable to work or had time off work.img_1840

2. Chronic Illness – can provide you cash from the benefit amount for a chronic illness or disability as a result of sickness or an accident.

3. Disability Income – can provide a monthly income for a period of time for disability as a result of sickness or an accident.

4. Cash Back options that allow you to protect your family and your home immediately with a sizable benefit but gives you the assurance of some or ALL of your money back if you out live the policy and no claim is ever made. This really is a great savings account with immediate protection for your family.

5. Tax-free retirement savings – Lastly, some plans can even provide an opportunity for you to start your own tax-free retirement savings plan allowing you to grow your smart savings without risk of loss in the crazy up and down stock market and access your money as needed income tax free.

For Your Life while You are Living itshutterstock_378881305

Now what if I told you you could join this new trend of financially intelligent millennials and young marrieds and take advantage of one of these smart life plans and give yourself $200,000.00-$250,000.00 in immediate protection and coverage for as little as $30-$35 a month.* Now that doesn’t sound like your parents life insurance does it? For less than what most will spend on pumpkin spiced latte this month or on their latest Starbucks or Sunergos vice you can take those important steps towards financial intelligence. Your adventurous life is worth it and needs it, and the value you place on your relationships are the very reason that smart life insurance is so important. Beginning to make decisions like these now will put you so far ahead in this crazy, wonderful and often confusing thing called life. This is life insurance as it should be, for your life, while you are living it.



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