2020 Sales Leaders Convention
An Advance Team Partners Exclusive
Hotel XCARET Mexico // June 17th - 21st, 2020

The Advance Team is proud to announce the 2020 Sales Leaders Convention for qualifying agents at the all-inclusive Hotel XCARET Resort in Mexico

We always try to Do The Right Thing at the Advance Team. Over the years we have seen agents sacrifice amazing incentive trips with carriers because they did not hit the production requirements for the carrier specific incentive trip. Many agents miss the production requirements for theses trips because they spread their business across several carriers in an  attempt to find the best product for the client.

The Advance Team is proud to offer an exclusive incentive trip and Sales Leaders Convention for our top producing agents. All issued and paid production from Mutual of Omaha, Foresters, Royal Neighbors, and Transamerica will count towards the trip along with any monthly production credit incentives offered.

Qualification Levels

We look forward to celebrating with our agents that qualify for the Sales Leaders Convention. There will be many agents and team leaders that go above and beyond the qualifications. To reward their hard work, we are offering additional Gold and Platinum experiences that include a VIP dinner and extra nights at the resort.

Individual Agents

Qualifier Level Credits Earned Individual Benefits
Silver $110,000 All Fun-Inclusive 5 Day, 4 Night Experience with 1 Guest
Gold $150,000 Silver + 1 Extra Night & VIP Dinner
Platinum $200,000 Silver + 2 Extra Nights & VIP Dinner

Team Leaders

Qualifier Level Credits Earned Individual Benefits
Silver $600,000 All Fun-Inclusive 5 Day, 4 Night Experience with 1 Guest
Gold $1 Million Silver + 1 Extra Night & VIP Dinner
Platinum $2 Million Silver + 2 Extra Nights & VIP Dinner + 1 Extra Silver Invite

Qualification Details

Earn your all-inclusive trip to Mexico by placing business with Mutual of Omaha, Foresters Financial, Royal Neighbors & Transamerica as an individual producer and meeting the following requirements:

  • $110,000/agent or $600,000/team in issued/paid premium
  • 75% 13-month persistency
  • 75% placement
  • Minimum 50 issued/paid cases
  • Passport valid beyond December 17th, 2020

Qualification is Based on Paid Premium

Only policies considered paid January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019 will count toward paid premium

  • First-year paid annualized premium: Term, Whole Life, Universal Life
  • 1 production credit per dollar of AP

* Buy-in option is available to purchase additional credits to qualify

Agents, check to see if you're on track!

Convention Bonus Credits

Top Monthly Producers

Each month, we will reward the top five producers with an additional convention credit bonus. Starting January 1, 2019, agents can qualify to receive up to $5,000 in annualized premium credit to be applied to the total production requirement for Sales Leaders. To qualify, agents must place in the top five producers of the month in issue paid business with a minimum of $9,000 in annualized premium.

Month’s Producer Rank Credits Awarded
#1 $5,000
#2 $2,500
#3 $2,000
#4 $1,500
#5 $1,000

Team Leaders Bonus

Team leaders can also receive personal credit for production under management. Starting January 1, 2019, agents who are growing towards management with Advance Team Partners can qualify to receive up to $70,000 in annualized premium credit to be applied to the total production requirement. To qualify, agents must be active in leading and supporting the team’s growth.

Team Issued/Paid Personal Credits Awarded
$300,000 $35,000
$450,000 $70,000

Buy-in Option

Never Miss a Convention Again!

One of the Advance Team’s core values is to Play Together. We cannot think of a better way to do this than as a team in the Mayan Riviera, at the luxurious Hotel Xcaret Mexico. We also believe we should Reward Hard Work. Some agents may start with us mid-year or fall short of the production requirements but we still want to celebrate all of our agents efforts to be #DifferenceMakers. This is why Advance Team is offering an exclusive Buy-In option. The Buy-In option allows agents to top up their trip qualification in case they fall short of the production requirements.

Example: If an agent ends the year with $100,000 of issued and paid business, a buy-in of just $750 will cover the outstanding production requirement for the all-inclusive convention for you and a guest! Even new agents can be a part of this amazing all-inclusive experience, regardless of whether they start in January or September!

Credits Earned Buy-in Amount
$110,000 + $0
$100,000 $750
$90,000 $1,500
$80,000 $2,000
$70,000 $2,500
Full Buy-in $5,500

Are you on track?

Over the course of the year, it can get difficult to keep tabs on how you’re tracking for the Advance Team 2020 Sales Leaders Convention. We’ve put together a trip tracker so you can see if you’re getting warmer to qualifying for the trip. We update this tracker monthly with your current numbers and where you should be at. Who’s going to Mexico with us?!

Current Weather at Hotel XCARET!

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About the Advance Team

The Advance Team serves a large market exclusively in the life insurance and annuities market space. While we offer products and services for the entire family at every stage of life, Advance Team is dedicated primarily to three market segments: Senior Insurance Services, Mortgage Protection and Tax-Free Retirement Planning.

Our mission is to be difference makers to our clients, to each other and to our families and create a legacy of others inspired to do the same. We serve our clients and each other with excellence, compassion, integrity and respect. We offer our clients the very best life insurance products and services to protect their families and we offer inspired individuals who join us the hope and opportunity of a life changing career.


Qualifiers must have an active contract with Advance Team Partners and be in good standing at the time of the Sales Leaders Convention. Advance Team Partners will be the sole authority in determining qualifying participants and reserves the right to determine winners and award prizes.

Program excludes non-commissionable policy rewrites. Split cases are permitted; the paid premium allocated to each producer for qualification purposes will match the agreed percentage split. 
Convention expenses include: transportation, hotel room, organized meals, allowances for meals that are not organized, and organized tours, entertainment, etc. as designated by Advance Team Partners. The convention is not transferable. If the qualifier cannot attend the convention, no other compensation will be offered. Only one invite will be offered to an agent if they qualify as an individual and a team leader.

The qualifier may bring a spouse or one adult guest (excluding non-qualifying agents) to the convention. Although qualifiers may bring children to the convention, qualifiers must pay for all expenses incurred by his or her dependent children, including travel and any costs associated with attending the convention.


Advance Team Partners reserves the right to change, limit or cancel any program, rule or further cease paid premium credit towards the program at any time without notice. If you participate in the buy-in option, you may be refunded only the amount of the buy in up until 90 days prior to the Sales Leaders Convention.

You are responsible for any compensation disclosure obligations you may have governing relationships with your clients. Although eligibility for an invitation is based on production requirements during 2019, the invitation will be provided during 2020. The cost of the incentive travel will be reported to you as taxable income on IRS Form 1099.

If Advance Team Partners is eligible for a carrier specific incentive convention in its contract, you may qualify for the Advance Team Partners Sales Leaders Convention as well as the carrier sponsored convention. For instance, if you qualify for the Mutual Sales Leaders and Advance Team Partners Sales Leaders, you may be eligible to attend both conventions.