Meetings & Special Events

All Agents Meetings

Every month, our teams gather to celebrate the hard work and families served over the past 30 days. Whether joining virtually or in person, our agents get the opportunity to connect with each other, recognize top producers, celebrate promotions, and receive bonuses and awards. We also take the opportunity to grow together by learning sales skills, sharpening our mind, or hearing from a guest speaker. After the meeting, teams take the opportunity to have fun and spend time together over lunch or an activity like bowling, mini-golf, distillery tours, and more.

Leadership Development

At Advance Team, we believe in pouring into and developing our team. Each of our agents have the opportunity to promote themselves and build a team. With this opportunity came the need for training and development of these agents as they move into management roles. We meet regularly with these agents to help them grow in their leadership skills to better serve their team. We periodically bring all of our leaders together for a retreat to dive into the leadership opportunity even more as well as connect and have fun together.

Opportunity Overviews & Market Visits

We love visiting our existing and developing teams across different markets. These trips are great opportunities for us to grow our relationship with team members and team members. We also take time for debriefs, classroom trainings, ride-alongs, and team activities.